watercolour and a very realistic life


” Before you can paint like an artist you need to see like one. Push a side your know -it- all intellectual brain to maximize the power of seeing and unveil the secret to creating better art”  Artist Carl Purcell.


This is the kind of painting I love to do, It emphasizes the art of seeing, It opens my eyes and my brain, it release my tension and it’s very exciting to work with, it’s full of surprises.

Usually I paint with water colours whenever I feel like I want to strengthen my artistic Practice, or other times  when ever I want to express something that words can’t; How I feel about the world around me, how I express my joy in living and experiencing the beauty in the creation of God around me.

And it’s weirdly easy when it’s all about colour palette and colour application and the gradation of the colour to form the composition and to create soft transition, and I think you have to paint and paint to get that experience through painting process, because you have to think of the pattern as an important structure that holds the painting together.

Focusing in the process step by step helps to create contrast between the dark and bright colours and it builds depth and it shows distance.

As an artist water colour makes you implement the elements of any painting by applying colour, shape, form, and line in a very transparent and delicate way.



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Red Black and Gold


It was very beneficial for me to receive feedback from some of you regarding my blog communications. I believe in the importance of communicating with my readers and keeping them informed with what I am doing. I value your opinion and look forward to sharing interesting ideas and concepts with you!

I always promise myself to produce artwork that matches the international standards, regardless of the cost to me. I believe in investing in my artistic business and anything I can do to better position myself within the art community and marketplace is certainly worthwhile. I appreciate your support and willingness to keep me involved.

I would like to introduce you to two of my particular paintings. Although they resemble one another and are still from the Red, Black and Gold Series, these chosen works are different from one another in a unique way. I encourage you to study them closely and interpret how.

Both were painted for decorative purposes and since simplicity was my aim when I painted them, I choose my materials and based my design on decorative elements. I considered clean and vast spaces for them to be placed, achieving a contemporary design concept. They are intended to be a partnership, paired together in a unified space for a dramatic, yet understated effect.

These two works were made to stand out on a large wall since their dimensions are 24″ X 30″. I built them layer by layer with a variety red and gold coloured pigment and then I added sand and gold leaves over a molding stamp, working delicately with warm wax. I take great care in attention to detail and while it is hard to understand the magnitude of these pieces from the small images above, they are best seen standing before them in person. This is where you would be able to soak in the texture, brilliant colour and gold detailing of these collection pieces.

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The twins

The twins

encausto on canvas 39" X 36"


If I didn’t Know how to accomplish these two paintings I wouldn’t have written a word about them.

It was a big job for me to transform my artistic performance towards purification in both style and media applied.

In these two paintings that I worked on choosing the appropriate stylistic manner in attempting to revive methods. With concern to express both external and inner realities that helped me to unify between the modernity of my practice and the inspiration of the earlier art to develop the principle of seeing a fresh but through the naked eye or the lens of my Camera.

to me it’s about bringing the past to the present to emphasize the authenticity of the artist’s proficiency  and at the same time working in adding a piece to complete the structure of the space as if it’s indispensable for the con structure.

I who chose the items, the subject matter and the arrangement; I mean colour, brush work, preparation of specimens, harmony, composition, perspective.

The system in the paintings were built through luxurious items and colour gradation, the fabric and the flowers; the vase and the candle followed by the set up of the composition in a S shape ground line and that mean several parts of the composition should be apexed in a pyramid shape.

The colour gradation from white through yellow to pink and red and so on to strongest colour. In my opinion the solidity of the items given by light and shade, modified by reflection and half tints. I think the relationship mutual between the items and the colour, I chose something to implement something else.

I called the two paintings the twins since they were born together.

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words behind the painting



I have chosen to share two pieces with you from my Speed & Time Series. Let me explain what I am thinking when I put paint to canvas.

For any artist, there is a methodology behind every single painting. For me, images and esthetics in a piece of art are designed to convey certain concepts that reinforce identity and strength. Colours are chosen specifically to enhance the shapes and the spaces in a small area. In the above paintings, I have incorporated lines from sheet music notes to form the rhythm of the speed; fragmentation of old letters, photos and newspaper clippings to evoke images from the memory. I love to add text to my work. It tells a greater story and every person can interpret it differently.

In doing this technique, I formed the concept behind these two paintings and built them together by adding different materials between layers of paint and wax. I hope you enjoy looking at them and for your information, here is some of the text that has been embedded into the paintings. Feel free to offer feedback as to what you think of when you look at these pieces.

“A red ink blue print”
“Haven’t we seen this movie before”
“Let the Games begin with this menu”
“We were just trying to do the right thing”

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Speed and Time


When I first decided to paint this series, I wanted to be unique in showcasing my artistic talent and vision. I wanted to be “different”.

I chose a series of expressionistic drawings called, “Speed & Time”. I began to make dozens of sketches- moving my hand in circles with bold charcoal strokes. That journey led to a collection boasting fifteen drawings all using this artistic trend of heavy brush strokes paired with fine line detail.

I would to share my concepts for two featured paintings from this series, as shown above. I worked with abstract form and then juxtaposed different materials to create a unique visual texture.  Elements of drawing, collage, newspapers, fabric and photograph transfers translated these ideas into my art.

Horses are a symbol of power, freedom and strength. The horse’s muscular gait evokes courage and diversity along with the softness of the colours that I feel reflects a modern parallel between life and the times we live in. Incorporating text into my painting helps derive energy and allows the viewer stop to think of different aspects of their world. Words inspire.

The text in these two paintings is:

“Don’t always tell the whole story.”
“I tried my best to reduce damage.”

For me, painting is about exploration and sharing. Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with me about how you interpret these art pieces.

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Art is to experiment

I would like to draw your attention to two of my featured paintings from the Red, Black and Gold Series. I have been showing you my paintings in groups of two because I want you to understand how they can be similar in appearance, yet have different elements. 

Painting is the way I transform my experiences and ideas.

Painting is the freedom to express myself without barriers, without limitations. Many artists will take a simple concept and add layer after layer to create detail. For me, since I was inspired by the complexity and detail of “stone” for this series and it was my intention to build layers upon layers achieving a look of SIMPLICITY. Pure and simple like the stone that inspired.

I enjoy experimenting with mediums. Using layers of wax and pigments while dripping, scorching, and eroding the surface. With no meaning, no subject and no content. Just action. 

My intention is to invent form and direction involving thinking and feeling. For this collection of artwork, I was not interested in the narrative; I was interested in the tools. The paint, itself, and the act of expression.

Red is one of the strongest colours and represents love, life, and passion. Gold equals luxury and power. Black is a foundation. It is amazing to see what these three colours can achieve when united together. To me it is a journey of exploration and the results are images that lie somewhere between the realm of real and imagination.

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It’s Gold

From The Red, Black and Gold series 

In every one of my paintings, I wanted to show something that ‘belongs’ to me as an artist. Something that came from my conception, the scenery around me or even my choice of technique.

Take a look at this pair of paintings before you read about them. They happen to be two of my favorite personal works because I used my own original technique to create them.

Let me start by saying that both of these paintings were inspired by stone. Rock. I love the shape, colour and feel of stone. I even have books about them. They represent strength and I wanted to bring that into my paintings.

From there, I started to work. I chose to abstract the stone by simplifying the shape and the texture. This is something that I generally don’t do. I like flat surfaces and usually don’t use heavy texture. But stone is strong and I wanted to capture that.

Painting them with wax is what I feel made them special. The cracks in the surface were made by mixing hot wax with pigment on the canvas and the texture was made by mixing cold wax with gold powder. It’s a complete experimental way to implement this technique and in playing with these mediums, you can discover many unique ways to paint with wax. I used three gold colours to emphasize the gradation of the colour.

Abstract art is an experimental art and if you just work to invent your own way of creating visual dimensions, you will be so much more satisfied with the originality.

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From the Red, Black and Gold series

Each time of the year spring season comes to pleasure our eyes with a marvelous colour and a beautiful weather; although we have to live these days but we never get bored of it; in spite of the repetition the view had been printed in our mind to emphasize the idea of the existence with all the components that should accompany the concept.

From this point of view I took the whole benefit of the repetition to emphasize my concept and make it clear to the audience and the repetition that I meant to show is the idea of using the same group of colour over and over but each time with different technique and different composition.

In these pair of paintings, they might look different in their composition, one with focal point and one without. The one on the right you can see it from any direction, but the one on the left you have to see it from this direction.

However what puts these two together is the way I put my technique in term of execution to get what I can call the happy coincidence. Here how I did that; after applying my colour randomly on the canvas I started to melt the wax on the surface nothing in mind except getting an acceptable composition. I kept working in the same way by adding the gold powder and the sand until it came out like this.


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Landscape painting

Over the years, I have gained my experience as a painter from practicing my knowledge and perfecting what I’ve learned. Long-term experiences have shaped my artwork and given me the ability to envision the right kind painting for the right kind of place. Not all art forms are welcome in every space and it is important to recognize what works for the audience that will be viewing the painting.

This is a traditional landscape piece that I was asked to produce. Oftentimes it is harder to paint one single painting than it is a complete series of work. You have one opportunity to capture the essence of what you have in your mind. Once chance to deliver that idea to the canvas.

For this particular client, I wanted to produce an artwork that could talk to the audience within the space where it would be hung. I chose the Encausto (Fresco) as a medium to match the Classic style of this property. I accumulated  photos from my personal collection that inspired me and I paired them with places I invented in my imagination. Places that were my own that I felt would offer emotion. It was my intention for the person sitting in that room to look at the landscape painted behind them and feel themselves travel within their own thinking and imagination. This piece was painted to fulfill the place where it lives.

When I take on a project like this, my first objective is to enjoy my work and the process it takes to create it. Secondly, I must “live in the place” to understand what it will be live as a person viewing my painting. Lastly, I use the freedom to paint within my own dream place.

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New video

A slide show of my artwork

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